Saturday, July 21, 2007

Years before people could even imagine the DC Metro, another means of public transportation was serving the needs of Washingtonians. It was the D.C. Transit Streetcar System, and it was an important part of the life of the city. During the 1940's, two creative photographers, Esther Bubley and John Collier, captured the following "veritas" portraits.
The Streetcars are long gone. The tracks have been removed. Their refreshing green and white logos have vanished. Many years ago, it was said that "Big Oil" put Streetcar service out of business. I wonder if that's true?
Searching Eyes

Faces on a Streetcar, 1

Finding the Fare
Almost There

Lonesome Tyke

Faces on a Streetcar, 2

An edit from an old poster
Artist Unknown

Rosalind Russell, 1

A New York State of Mind

"Cute", She Wrote
Angela Lansbury in an early portrait
Rebecca at Sixteen

Rebecca at Sixteen, Close-up of Bouquet

Rebecca at Sixteen, Close-up 2

Going Green
As a vaporous green haze settles over the country, zombie-like men in raincoats stare mindlessly at billboards, while model T's hustle off to various uncertain rendezvous.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Frosty Times
Sitting on a Wall
From a Daguerreotype, C. 1840's
Reading Rocks

Echoes of Compulsion
Although this appears to be a Monty Python piece, it is, let us rather say, an actual historic poster from the Library of Congress. Try to read the text as if you were John Cleese.

A Streetcar Named Desire
Olive Thomas, 4

The Iowan

A Swing and a Miss

Oyster Shucking, Coastal Georgia, C. 1910
Photo by Lewis Wickes Hine

Practice Makes Perfect
The Last Nuance of the Final Phrase

Grace Greenwood, 1848

Portrait of William Grant Still

Scene from Rural Life, 1

Portrait of Serena
Lillian Gish, 1

Lillian Gish, 2

Lillian Gish, 3

Lillian Gish, 4

Lillian Gish, 5

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Director Max Reinhardt, and Actress, Anita Louise, at the premiere of the movie version of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream", 1935
Anita Louise as Titania, 1

Anita Louise as Titania, 2

Titania by the Waterfall
Anita Louise
Titania with Bottom, 1
Anita Louise with James Cagney

Titania with Bottom, 2
James Cagney with Anita Louise

Titania with the Fairies.
Anita Louise and the Girls of the Cast
Twenties Emotive
Crystal Palace, London, 1851
Crystal Palace, Western USA, 1941
Damsel by the Lake, 2

Sister Says, "Say Cheese"

Carroll Glenn

Portrait of Victor Hugo