Saturday, February 03, 2007

Equestrian Dream
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Doc's Bar

The Road Goes Ever On

The Struggle

A Maxfield Parrish Dawn Posted by Picasa
18th Century Profile

Suzanne, near the River

Edwardian Beach Scene

Damsel by the Lake Posted by Picasa
After Genthe, Flapper Puffs

Frosty Times

Augusta Cotton Mill Workers Group

Anita Louise 6 Posted by Picasa
Ann Sothern 1, Hello. Ann? I was wondering if...!

Farm Family Group

Anyone for Mendelssohn?

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The Fantasy Art of Nellie Littlehale Umstaetter Murphy

Le Coeur d'Amour

Iceberg Right Ahead!

Olive Thomas 1 Posted by Picasa
Sue Lewin 1

Sue Lewin 2

The Princess of P-Funk

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Anita Louise 4, 18th Century

Henrietta Johnston, Portrait in Pastels

Grace Greenwood, Faithfully Yours

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The Amiable Eccentric

After Genthe 1

Fay of the Forest 1 Posted by Picasa
Georgia Welles

1914, The Christmas Truce


Bound for the Seven Seas Posted by Picasa
Anita Louise 3

Son of the Morning Star

Gloria Stuart 1

Fay of the Forest 2 Posted by Picasa